U.K. Energy & Water

Location: United Kingdom

Type: Convertible Debt

Term: 2 Years

ROI: 12%

Sector: Energy>Coal Mining, Natural Resources>Water

Amount: $15,000,000


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Craft Beer & Brewery

Location: Staunton, VA

Type: Equity

Stake: 25%

Sector: Beverage, Wholesale, Retail


Amount: $2,000,000


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Oil & Gas

Location: Texas, United States

Type: M&A

Production: Current

Output: 400,000+ bbl (2018 est.)

Sector: Energy>Oil & Gas


Amount: $175,000,000


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Featured Project

Asia Pacific Group is a specialty finance and consulting company headquartered in Plano, TX with lending operations commencing in central cities throughout Australia.  The post-expansion platform will represent one of the largest non-bank finance companies providing mezzanine finance to some of the top developers in Australia.

Investment Highlights:

  • Income Guarantee
  • High Margins
  • Tremendous Sector Demand
  • Tax Exemption on Gains
  • Strong Risk Management
  • Can Easily Be Scaled
  • Large Supply of Deal Flow

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Townhomes by APG in Melbourne, Australia.

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