Online Marketplace

At Agape Marketplace we want to offer the power of an e-commerce marketplace, but with a charitable twist that gets people excited. Our goal is to bring a change in the way people interact with one another-not only physically but spiritually or emotionally. When people hear the word Charity they get a sense of purpose because they are fighting for a cause, bringing a sense of personal fulfillment, and knowing that they made a difference-no matter how small of an impact. When people hear of a terrible accident, no matter where in the world they are or who is affected, it sparks something inside one another: the willingness to help. Sometimes people can’t physically help, so we want to provide a service that allows people an option anywhere in the world. We are also allowing our service for all types of organizations, and will welcome all religions. We want to provide a global brand, as we expand, that everyone will feel welcome to use and support.

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