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The Company is raising $8,500,000 to buy out an existing debt holder and acquire ownership of a long-standing, profitable mining operation.

Central to the business, and a pre-requisite to the mineral water production, is a fully operational coal mining business that is under the control of one of the members of the management team and the output of which is sold mainly for building materials and power generation. Part of the funding will be used to acquire the coal mine by re-financing the existing lender.

The mining operations cause a constant 220 million litres every year of exceptionally pure mineral water, naturally filtered through sandstone and carbon, to flow from a renowned aquifer through the mine. The Company has recently been granted a production license to extract this water and is working with experts in the field to supply this source of high quality clean water to the food and beverage industry and for export in bulk to national government water purchasers. Early discussions regarding offtake agreements have taken place with an international hotel group and a luxury travel & tourism group, as well as the governments of Qatar and surrounding areas of the Middle East.

In addition to the supply of water in perpetuity, the funding is backed by 350,000 tonnes of high calorific value coal. At present prices, the coal is worth $21 million.

As a medium-term objective, the company intends to develop a reprocessing plant to add significant revenue multiples to its coal products by cleaning, sorting and bagging not only its own raw coal but also coal from third party producers.

The management team has extensive experience of developing and operating substantial projects and businesses is seeking $7 million of funding to develop these lines of business.

The company intends to re-finance the funding in a maximum of 2 years through a trade sale and/or public offer.



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